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Sneak (Swipe, #2)

Sneak (Swipe, #2) - Evan Angler When I began reading I felt rather lost, you see, I hadn't read the first book in the series, Swipe. So I stopped Sneak and read Swipe. So, the premise is that the USA began to slide down further into a pit of crime, famine, and war. Two leaders arose from the wars and forged an alliance, The Dome. Part of the alliance was a mark being placed on all citizens, which allowed them to live, work, and play within the tightly controlled boundaries of the new law. Religion and patriotism are done away with and everyone is expected to "worship" the new leaders who saved them. At the end of book one, Swipe, Logan's sister had gone to receive her mark as she had reached the age; however, there was a mishap and Lily was never seen again and Logan's family was told she died during the procedure. Life was never the same. A new girl moves into town and befriends Logan. Erin is the daughter of a Dome official and she is unhappy about the transfer. She will do anything to get her father transferred back so she can resume her normal life in Beacon City with her family intact.Enter, The Dust. The Dust are a group of markless kids who live and play outside the law. They live in an old grocery store, eating what is found on the shelves, and looking after each other in a disfunctional familial way. They want Logan. They watch Logan. They try to capture Logan. At the end of Swipe, Logan, who had begun feeling like he was living under a microscope but did n eliminate. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. A bit dark for elementary aged children but middle to high school aged should be able to understand and even enjoy the books.