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I Kissed Dating Goodbye: A New Attitude Toward Relationships and Romance
Joshua Harris
Invisible (An Ivy Malone Mystery Book, #1)
Lorena McCourtney
Revisiting The Reading Workshop: Management, Mini-Lessons, & Strategies
Barbara Orehove, Barbara Orehovec, Marybeth Alley
Look Again
Lisa Scottoline
Dog Whisperer: The Ghost
Nicholas Edwards
Living and Dying in the Hamptons
T.L. Ingham
Murder and Mischief in the Hamptons
T.L. Ingham
A Guide to Writing of Children's Books: Proceedings of the Writers' Workshop on Children's Books
National Book Development Council Of Sin

Fire Up with Reading! [With Sticker and Scale Pattern]

Fire Up with Reading! [With Sticker and Scale Pattern] - Toni Buzzeo Absolutely love anything from Toni Buzzeo. As a school teacher librarian and media specialist she is very aware of what we need to get students "fired up" about reading! I enjoy sharing her books with my students and using them to teach library skills. Her books help me instill a love of reading