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Berried to the Hilt (Gray Whale Inn Series #4)

Berried to the Hilt - Karen MacInerney This is a fun cozy mystery series based in the Cranberry Isles of Maine. I love the references to area in which I have spent time. It gives me a melancholy feeling when I read them. The series is based on Natalie, a young 30-something woman who relocated to the Cranberry Island of the coast of Bar Harbor, Maine.She left her friends, family and career behind in Austin, Texas when she discovered her fiance was sleeping around.Natalie moved lock, stock and barrel and purchased an old shipping magnate's home and turned it into the Gray Whale Inn Bed and Breakfast. She sunk her life savings, and then some, into this endeavor. She is known for her wickedly sinful and decadent baking. Her niece, Gwen, has come to stay, and get her act together, while helping her Aunt Nat run the Inn. Gwen has also developed a relationship with a local Princeton educated lobsterman, much to her mother's chagrin. Natalie's best friend, Charlene, runs the local store and gossip shop. Her current fiance is the local deputy and artist, John. Natalie has the knack of being involved in murder. None of which has anything to do with her, honestly! However, the local newspaper seems to be out to ruin her business by implying that she does. The mainland sheriff isn't so sure she isn't. This time, it is a friend who is being accused of murder. She knows it cannot be true and almost dies trying to prove it. Natalie does not have a lot of common sense and she is constantly putting herself at risk by not thinking before leaping. This is a theme throughout the series. The series is fun and I love the references to Maine.